How to plan a beach cleanup?

Nearly everybody loves going to the beach to feel the tantalizing soothing breeze on a hot gorgeous summer. It is why the holiday is always complete when you include beach destinations on the list. Moreover, the scent of salty sea wind coupled with the clear view of the sun sums it all in.

Now, what if you go there and meet some washed-up debris on the shore and undesirable funky smell. It won’t make sense because that is a total nightmare for beach enthusiasts. Right?

With this in might, let us see how to plan a beach cleanup to avoid any mess.

In the first place, it’s common to see volunteers unite along the coastlines to clean beaches. Usually, individual beachgoers, environmental groups, and civic agencies do perform such activities. If this is you, then your first mission is to prepare early enough. Here’s a brief on how to plan for it.

Organize your team. You’ll be able to come up with a system of accountability when you assign members some roles. For example, you’ll need a volunteer manager, venue manager, to mention a few.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep track of the event. The management team will also help you draft the venue date, location, and start time to guide you on the best site to organize the event.

Amass enough supplies.Not all eco-enthusiasts gracing the occasion will have cleaning gears. On your list, make an effort to include gloves, garbage bags, rakes, hand sanitizer, and mask. Additionally, it would help if you also had plenty of drinking water.

Draw a precise waste disposal management. For example, identify how you will separate recyclable waste such as plastic bottles from other garbage. Similarly, reach out to local recyclers if they can handle any glass, bottles, or aluminum.

The volunteers. You can use many routes to recruit volunteers for the event through social media or posters. Ensure they follow local COVID-19 protocols. In addition, prepare how you will handle a variety of minor health emergencies.

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